Jack Lee

Jack Lee

Jack Lee was born October 1943 and raised in Harlem New, York. He is a senior citizen with a youth of creativity. Jack has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and recently received a certificate in Business Management and Opportunities with WIBO. He was the former president of The Caucus of the Public Employees Federation for 8 years and is a recipient of the New York State Black and Puerto Rican Legislators Labor Award. He is a retired Social Security Disability Analyst with twenty years of service. He is the lifetime president of “Group 30”, the Evander Child’s High School Alumni, which is a group that has been friends for over 50 years. Jack is the proud committee chairperson of photographers for the Harlem Arts Alliance Visionaries. He has been the artist of the month, is recognized by his artistic peers and administration, and has received the prestigious “Artist Development” Award.

Jack’s journey of photographic images, have both historical and artistic significance for posterity and nostalgia. He has created an archive of over 25,000 that include “A Jazz Legacy”, “La Marquetta” market place in Harlem, and various demonstration and events. He has taught color photography in his studio lab to adults and the children of Boys Harboor in Harlem. His photographs have been published in Down Beat Magazine, Essence Magazine and the First National City Bank’s initial ATM machine billboard promotions.

Through his sight and camera, Jack has heard what is mind imagined. He sees, you see, we see. His photographs are the Ferrari, Maserati and Rolls Royce of images. His stills are alive and have become first nature of his expressionism. Jack has exhibited in the Hall of Fame of frames:
C.L.O.T.H., Harlem;
The Black Dimensions in Art Wellington Farm Gallery, Schorharie, N.Y.
The Hamilton Landmark Galleries, Harlem
New Strivers Art Circuit, Harlem
The J.P. Kennedy Center, Harlem
The Symphony Space Theatre/Café
The Heath Gallery, Harlem
The AC-BAW Center for the Arts, Mt. Vernon.

His life dream is to have a complete rebirth of his archival images and to continue to create and make a contribution to the Arts, the community and the universe. God willing!