Lamar Howell


Lamar D. Howell Sr. was born November 23, 1976 in Harlem Hospital, oldest child of Patricia Howell and Guy Lee.
Lamar is an Honorable Army National Guard Military Veteran with over 20 Years of Computer Technical work experience in Multimedia Design within the music industry. Produced DVD‘s amounting to over 1 million units sold globally. Extensive editing, graphics and photography.
Lamar grew up in a family that loved entertainment in the arts. He entered entertainment at an early age, after being influenced by family members. His Uncle Melvin Howell, a DJ named Melo Mel, was a part of the Hip Hop Music creation time and era and is still in the business as a host/promoter. His Uncle Michael Howell was a break dancer a part of the famous Beat Street dance crew and a graffiti artist. His God Uncle Tori Ablack aka TOXIC is a designer and a historic graffiti artist currently showcasing his work in France.
His Step-father Julius Drain, DJ JD Hollywood, is the cousin of famous comedians Eddie Murphy and Charlie Murphy. Lamar decided this entertainment life was the life for him after visiting Bubble Hill and meeting Eddie and his mother at a 4th of July family function. Eddie told Lamar’s mother that he grew up with a stepfather as well and that she should keep him around positive people.
At the age of 17, after a good friend Ron Ellis asked him to do Videography work, Lamar filmed his first gig, filming the Isley Brothers, at the Supper Club in Manhattan NYC. Ron Ellis also introduced him to Vaughn Hightower aka Bigg Vee from “Dabomb Video Show”, who taught Lamar how to edit video. Lamar has been in TV for 20 years producing at Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN).
He has created and helped design #1 DVD’s for many in the entertainment business under his companies L.O.P. Entertainment which turned to Dramaediter Filmz LLC.He became known as the Dramaediter after doing many movies for Radio personality DJ Kay Slay (Keith Greyson) of Hot 97 and Shade 45 and owner of Straight Stuntin Magazine and Pebbelz Da Model. Lamar also saved the 2nd Richest Hip Hop artist in the world Shawn Carter(Jay-z) from doing 40 years in jail. He is a hardcore journalist, Lamar filmed the famous Kit Kat Club incident .
Lamar became a member of the Harlem Arts Alliance and Assistant to his Uncle Jack Lee founder of the Harlem Arts Alliance Visionaries, helping him restore and print his historic photography archive beginning with jazz. Lamar is a force in the urban world but has evolved to a historic photographer with his new works. It is said that video is 30 frames a sec. Lamar can see each action in a frame turn it to a photo and can create his own unique pictures of art, beauty, and serious meaning. You can see Lamar’s unique works in the new Harlem Hospital Center.
Lamar is currently leading a minority empowerment group called Kemet Dragons Of Wall Street. To help form new businesses in the Harlem area. He has plans for a youth centers and galleries.