Shoun Hill

Shoun Hill is a documentary photographer based in New York City. Originally from Frederick, Maryland, Hill began photographing professionally in 1993 for The Gleaner in Henerson, Kentucky after getting his Master of Arts degree from Ohio University.
He has worked as a staff photographer for newspapers in Memphis, Tennessee, and Orlando, Florida, as well as doing internships in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Lousisville, Kentucky.
While a staff photographer, Shoun photographed Super Bowls, NBA basketball games, collegiate sports and presidential elections. He has also been apart of gallery shows in Ohio, Florida, Illinois and New York. With an extensive body of work spanning a number of different cultural, professional and human-interest areas, he is a veteran photojournalist and photo editer with over twenty years of experience behind the lens.
Shoun sees himself as a documentarian, both universally and specifically for the African American community. As an artist, he is deeply committed to documenting the African American experience as it unfolds in a time of such rapid change.
“I’m a documentary photographer and my goal with every image is to make a connection between the subject in the photograph and the person looking at the photograph. I shoot what is, and let the image speak for itself. People are my ideas and inspiration. That’s what these photographs show. When people look at my work, I want them to feel a connection and I’d like them to get a feeling of remembrance.”