Stanley Philippe Cadet

Stanley Cadet is a portrait photographer based in New York City. His body of work consists of commercial and editorial assignments with a focus on portraits and lifestyle imagery. Initially self taught in the photographic arts, he sought out to further his studies by entering and completing his masters degree from the School of Visual Arts Digital Photography graduate program. Stanley has exhibited his images in artist galleries as well as public spaces that are easily accessible to local residents, such as hospitals. He has also served as a photography instructor teaching the fundamentals of digital photography and digital darkroom techniques to high school aged youth.
Stanley’s photographic aim is to capture relationships, such as a football player’s relationship with timing, a dancer’s relationship with movement, a child with exploration and curiosity, or the human relationship with our natural environment. These connections are identifiable because they tell the human story which delves into our emotions, reasoning, and imagination.
Stanley was born in Brooklyn, NY and spent the majority of his childhood growing up in Westbury, Long Island. His love for performing and visual arts led him to want to capture historic fleeting moments that define people, cultures, emotions and the like. His medium of choice was the camera, with his first one being the Nikon N65 SLR. After his first captures he knew that photography was a passion that he would not only commit to but contribute to as well.